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Jurupa Valley Employment Attorney Mandeep S. Rupal represents clients in employment law disputes taking place in Jurupa Valley, Riverside County, and all over Southern California. Mr. Rupal is a skilled employment attorney who zealously advocates for employees and employers in matters relating to medical or family leave, employment contracts, pay disputes, severance, discrimination, harassment, and other employee rights issues.Jurupa Valley Employment Law Lawyer Mandeep Rupal

To discuss your case, call (909) 630-9800 for a free consultation. Our Jurupa Valley employment law firm counsels those in the healthcare industry as well as employees and employers in additional industries.

Jurupa Valley Attorney Rupal consistently works to reach client goals. Providing representation and counsel on contingency, Employment Attorney Rupal does not charge attorney fees unless he gains a settlement or judgment that is favorable to the client.

Employment Attorney for Jurupa Valley, California

The employment law lawyer at Rupal Law serves employers and employees in a wide array of work-related cases. Our Jurupa Valley employment law firm offers excellent legal counsel during negotiations and when in litigation. Employment Law Lawyer Rupal understands the issues facing both parties involved in complex employment law cases. With his thorough understanding of the matter, Mr. Rupal is able to offer enhanced representation to clients.

Employment Law Attorney Rupal Preserves Employee Rights

Jurupa Valley Employee Rights Lawyer Rupal works to safeguard client rights in many employment disputes. Call our firm to gain assistance in virtually any work-related legal matter:

Disability Discrimination: According to state and federal laws, employees with a mental or physical disability may not be discriminated against. Please call our law firm to consult with Disability Discrimination Attorney Rupal.

Employer Retaliation: Employers may not retaliate against an employee for requesting family or medical leave or for exercising another right. Employer Retaliation Lawyer Rupal provides assistance to employees dealing with such a situation.

Employment Contracts: Our employment contract attorneys are able to draft, review, or negotiate various employment contracts.

Employee Misclassification: Employers are required to correctly classify the jobs of employees as well as independent contractors. Contact Employee Misclassification Lawyer Rupal to learn more

Family Leave & Medical Leave: Family Leave Attorney Mandeep Rupal provides counsel to individuals having issues related to medical or family leave. Some employees must be permitted time off work for reasons pertaining to medical needs or family circumstances.

Hostile Workplace Environment: In every field of employment, workers are entitled to an environment free from hostile working conditions and unlawful harassment.  

Meal Period & Rest Break Disputes: Meal breaks and rest periods must be granted to employees working more than a specified number of hours.

Sexual Harassment: In any workplace, it is illegal for a worker to be sexually harassed. This includes a wide variety of behaviors. Call our office to consult with Sexual Harassment Attorney Rupal if you believe you have been affected by sexual harassment at work.

Severance Negotiations: Severance Negotiations Lawyer Rupal is able to represent clients in severance negotiations and in other matters regarding termination of employment.

Trade Secrets: If a business practice has the potential to provide an advantage against competitors, it may fall under the protection of the Uniform Trade Secrets Act. Trade Secrets Lawyer Rupal is knowledgeable in trade secret law, and he can provide sound representation in these cases.

Whistleblower Protection: If an employee reports unlawful activities in the workplace, they are legally protected from retaliation.

Wage & Overtime Disputes: The law requires that employees be paid properly for each and every hour they work, including any overtime. Wage and Hour Attorney Rupal works to preserve client rights during an overtime or wage dispute.

Workplace Discrimination: Any discrimination in the workplace based on gender, national origin, mental illness, religion, marital status, pregnancy status, disability, race, or age is prohibited by law.

Wrongful Termination: When an employee is released from their job for reasons that are based on discrimination, retaliation, or when the termination breaches a contract, this is against the law.

Jurupa Valley Employee Rights Lawyer and Employment Discrimination Lawyer Mandeep Rupal diligently works to gain efficient solutions for a variety of employment law matters.

Employer Defense Attorney Serving Jurupa Valley, CA

If an employee seeks to bring legal action against their employer, Jurupa Valley Employment Law Lawyer and Employer Defense Lawyer Mandeep S. Rupal may be able to successfully defend the employer. Attorney Rupal has many years of experience representing and counseling employers, and he has gained a comprehensive understanding of how to effectively defend employer interests in a variety of cases. The knowledge he has gleaned from years of employee representation can also provide Mr. Rupal with insight on what the opposing party may do. This perspective can save the client’s resources.

In addition to providing zealous defense in employment law disputes, Labor Commissioner Hearings Lawyer Rupal represents business owners in the full range of labor commissioner hearings. Jurupa Valley Employment Law Attorney Rupal also represents employers in PAGA cases.  

Medical License Defense | Medical Audit Defense

Mr. Rupal is a former professional in the medical industry. As a respected Jurupa Valley Employment Lawyer, he retains a comprehensive knowledge of the regulations and procedures involved in medical licensing. He is able to provide a strong defense to doctors and nurses threatened with disciplinary actions from the licensing board. He is also a reliable nursing license defense lawyer. As a skilled physician license defense attorney, Mr. Rupal understands that maintaining licensure is vital to a physician’s or nurse’s reputation and career. For this reason, he works diligently to protect it.

Jurupa Valley Employment Law Lawyer Rupal provides knowledgeable representation and counsel for Medicaid audits and Medicare regulations. Our law firm helps healthcare facilities, home health care organizations, hospice workers, and other healthcare professionals.

Consultation with Skilled Employment Law Lawyer

Mr. Rupal is a reliable Jurupa Valley Employment Law Attorney possessing a comprehensive understanding of healthcare law and employment law. Employment Attorney Rupal works to find solutions that benefit healthcare professionals, employers, and employees.

If you would like a complimentary consultation with Mr. Rupal, please call our employment law office at (909) 630-9800 or submit a completed contact form online. After reviewing your information and case details, Jurupa Valley Employment Lawyer Mandeep S. Rupal will contact you to discuss the situation, answer questions, and advise you of legal options.

We are located close to Jurupa Valley, California and offer representation to individuals and companies in the surrounding areas, including San Bernardino County, Los Angeles County, and Orange County.


If you are travelling from the area near Jurupa Valley City Hall to our offices, first go west on Limonite Avenue. Turn left at Archibald Street. Turn right at Schleisman Road. Schleisman will become Pine Avenue. Turn left at Euclid Avenue. Euclid will become Butterfield Ranch Road. At Pine Avenue, turn right. Our office is at 5811 Pine Ave.

Jurupa Valley Employment Lawyer Mandeep Rupal