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Pomona Wage and Hour Attorney Mandeep Rupal represents clients in a wide range of employment matters, including cases that involve wage disputes, pay issues, and overtimPomona Wage and Hour Lawyer | Mandeep Rupale compensation.

If your employer has violated your rights and the laws governing pay, overtime, meal period or rest break violations, independent contractor status, or a misclassification dispute, contact Wage and Hour Lawyer Mandeep Rupal for skilled legal representation.

Call our Employment Law Firm at (909) 630-9800 for a comprehensive consultation today. Wage and Hour Attorney Rupal will provide answers along with a candid case evaluation. He can review your matter and offer legal guidance to help you secure the compensation you deserve.

In addition to representing plaintiff employees, Mr. Rupal provides a skilled defense for employers involved in wage and pay disputes. Our clients benefit from this unique perspective due to the fact that we know how the other side prepares for this type of case.

We handle these cases on a contingency fee basis. In this arrangement, our clients are not asked to pay attorney’s fees until a settlement or verdict is reached in the client’s favor.

Wage and Hour Attorney Serving Pomona, California

Employers must fairly compensate employees for all hours worked in order to comply with the law. As a highly knowledgeable Employment Lawyer, Mr. Rupal advocates for the rights of employees involved in many different types of pay disputes.

Overtime Disputes Attorney

Based on the number of hours worked each day and the number of shifts worked, the employee must be compensated appropriately. This includes overtime pay of time and one-half and double time when applicable. Overtime Disputes Lawyer Rupal is prepared to fight for your rights if you have been denied the overtime compensation.

Independent Contractor Misclassification Lawyer

If you believe your position has been intentionally misclassified, you may be entitled to additional compensation. Contact Independent Contractor Misclassification Attorney Mandeep Rupal for assistance.

Meal and Rest Break Disputes Attorney

If your employer has impeded your right to have an uninterrupted meal break or rest period, call Meal Break Disputes Attorney and Rest Break Disputes Lawyer Mandeep Rupal for help in resolving your situation.

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Strict laws govern the way employer compensate their workers. If an employer has withheld your regular pay, overtime, or your tips, please contact Employment Law Attorney Mandeep Rupal for a complimentary consultation.Take steps today toward fighting for the compensation you deserve!

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