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Pomona Workplace Discrimination Attorney Mandeep Rupal protects the rights of individuals who have suffered any kind of discrimination in the workplace.Pomona Workplace Discrimination Lawyer | Mandeep Rupal

Are you a victim of workplace discrimination? Has your employer pursued adverse actions in response to something other than the performance of your job? Workplace discrimination, disability discrimination, and sexual harassment are against the law. Pomona Workplace Discrimination Lawyer Mandeep Rupal aggressively represents individuals in these cases and works hard to secure financial compensation on their behalf.

With extensive experience as an Employment Attorney, Mr. Rupal represents both sides in discrimination cases. Because he provides a vigorous employer defense in addition to zealously advocating for plaintiff employees, Workplace Discrimination Lawyer Mandeep Rupal brings a unique perspective which benefits his clients. He understands the way the other side builds their case, and he is well-prepared to advocate for the interests of his clients.

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Workplace Discrimination Lawyer for Pomona

Discrimination is prohibited in the workplace when certain factors are involved. Pomona Workplace Discrimination Attorney Mandeep Rupal represents clients who have faced harassment which violates local, federal, or state laws. These protected factors include:

Sexual Harassment Attorney

Another form of workplace discrimination is sexual harassment which can take many forms and can involve both men and women as the victim or the perpetrator. Sexual Harassment Lawyer Rupal guides clients throughout the process and provides actionable steps to obtaining justice for these victims. Sexual harassment may include:

Disability Discrimination Attorney

As an experienced Disability Discrimination Lawyer, Mr. Rupal fights for the rights of disabled individuals who have suffered discrimination at the hands of their employer. The Americans with Disabilities Act along with California Fair Employment and Housing Act covers a wide range of situations to which disabled employees are entitled, including:

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Pomona Workplace Discrimination Lawyer | Mandeep Rupal