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Pomona Wrongful Termination Attorney Mandeep Rupal is an experienced Employment Lawyer who represents individuals who have lost their job unlawfully.

If you believe your employer stepped outside the law in terminating your employment, call the Wrongful Termination Attorneys and Employment Law Lawyers at Rupal Law. We understand the way this situation has disrupted your life, and we are prepared to fight for your rights while helping you seek justice. Pomona Wrongful Termination Lawyer | Mandeep Rupal

Contact Rupal Law and Employment Attorney Mandeep Rupal for a thorough review of your situation. He will answer your questions and help determine whether your termination was unlawful. If so, he is prepared to hold the employer accountable by pursuing the maximum compensation on your behalf.

With extensive experience handling employment law matters, Pomona Wrongful Termination Lawyer Mandeep Rupal represents plaintiff employees and he also provides a vigorous defense for employers. He brings a perspective which benefits the client because he understands the way these cases are handled.

Call our office at (909) 630-9800 to discuss your situation today. Pomona Wrongful Termination Attorney Rupal takes these matters on contingency. Clients do not pay attorney fees until a settlement or judgment is secured.

Wrongful Termination Lawyer Services | Pomona, CA

California law protects workers in cases of unlawful termination. Because employment in California is “at-will,” an employer can terminate an employee without cause. There does not have to be a reason given when an employee is fired, laid off, or let go. However, an employer cannot violate the law when terminating the employee-employer relationship. Pomona Wrongful Termination Attorney Mandeep Rupal protects the rights of men and women who have been relieved of their work duties illegally.

If your employer engaged in an unlawful action which resulted in your termination, you may have legal recourse. You may be entitled to financial compensation. An employer cannot engage in retaliatory actions, discriminate against the worker, or violate whistleblower laws. You may have an unlawful termination case if any of the following were involved in your situation:

Wrongful termination claims often involve additional unlawful actions on the part of the employer. Pomona Wrongful Termination Attorney Mandeep Rupal handles all types of employment law matters, including workplace discrimination and wage and hour disputes.

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If you have recently lost a job, you may be feeling upset and frustrated. If your termination involved illegal activity by your employer, we can help. As a skilled Wrongful Termination Lawyer, Mr. Rupal is prepared to discuss your circumstances and provide insightful answers to your questions. Because our employment law firm handles both sides in these cases, our clients benefit from this competitive advantage.

Please contact Wrongful Termination Attorney and Employment Law Attorney Mandeep Rupal at (909) 630-9800, or reach our office online by completing our Wrongful Termination Case Evaluation Form.

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